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Headmaster’s Assembly – 28 July 2017

This past weekend I sat, along with millions of people around the world, transfixed with the spectacle that is The Open – one of the four major golfing events for male golfers in the world. If you win one of these tournaments, known as a “major”, you enter into an elite world of special golfers and your career as a golfer is just about guaranteed to be a success going forward. To those who don’t know the sport, this is a big deal and majors are events all golfers dream of winning or indeed competing in at least once in their careers. The Open is a tournament held in Great Britain and is the oldest of the four majors. Many golfers acknowledge that it is the most coveted of the four. Now that I have sketched a background, I wish to share a lesson or two that I picked up from the many hours I spent watching this past weekend.

Headmaster’s Assembly – 3 March 2017

I thought I would try to get my message across to you today using a method used by a former Headmaster who wrote a book of fictional responses to issues raised by parents. He replies to these concerns in an open, honest manner, saying things that we often do not say to people for fear of offending them yet they represent the honest, hard truth. The format I shall use is a phone call – one you would make to your parents to tell them about something that happened at school. This is thus called “Phone calls to my Mother”.