NameDesignationQualificationEmail address
Acres, Mrs NAfrikaans Department
Form 5 Hofmeyr House Tutor
Allan, Mr LEnglish Department
Form 1 School House Tutor
Armstrong, Mr MR
School Museum Curator
Pretorian Magazine
Boerstra, Mrs BEnglish Department
MIC Public Speaking and Gavel Club
BA, Higher Dip
Bolduc, Ms AHead of Mathematics Literacy Department
Form 5 Armstrong House Tutor
MIC Swimming
Bopape, Miss RBM
HOD Sepedi Department
HED, BEd (Hons), CID
Botha, Mr G
Life Orientation Department
Mathematics Literacy Department
Hofmeyr House Housemaster
MIC Golf
MIC Blood Donations
Botha, Mrs K
Bouwer, Mrs SHOD Mathematics Department
Form 1 Abernethy House Tutor
MIC Junior City Council
School Calendar
BSc Chem, PGCE, BEd (Hons)
Brown, Mr JLife Orientation Department
Form 4 Hofmeyr House Tutor
B Ed (FET)
Cloete, Ms DHOD Visual Arts Department
Form 3 Matheson House Tutor
MIC Art Club
BA (Fine Arts) (Hons)
Coetsee, Mr HJMusic DepartmentB Mus (Hons),
Coetzee, Mrs HEHOD French Department
Form 4 Sunnyside House Tutor
MIC French Conversation Classes
BA (Hons),
Cross, Mr MForm 2 School House
Davies, Mr C
Mathematics Department
Form 4 Town House Tutor
MIC Bridge Club
MIC Table Tennis
de Jager, Mr Z
Afrikaans Department
Form 2 Arcadia House Tutor
BEd Int Mathematics & Science
de Kock, Mr A
History Department
Geography Department
Form 4 Armstrong House Tutor
BA (Ed)
de Meillon, Mrs J
HOD Accounting Department
Form 1 Matheson House Tutor
MIC Chess
MIC Choir
du Toit, Ms M
Life Sciences Department
Form 5 Arcadia House Tutor
MIC Photographic Society
BSc Physiology, Psychology & Genetics, PGCE
Engelbrecht, Mr B
Accounting Department
Form 4 Rissik House Tutor
Engelbrecht, Mr H
Creative Arts Department
Form 2 Rissik House Tutor
MIC Architecture Club
Fielding, Mr C
Geography Department
Head of Hockey
Fourie, Mr R
Business Studies Department
School House Housemaster
BEd (Hons)
Franken, Mr PHOD Geography DepartmentBA,
Fratini, Ms EHead of CultureBA General; B Tech,
Geldenhuys, Mr WJ
Life Orientation Department
EMS Department
Matheson House Housemaster
BA Sport Science, PGCE
Goosen, Mr DForm 3 Solomon House Tutor
MIC Business Club
(Student teacher)
Gouws, Ms AHOS CAT Department
Form 2 Abernethy House Tutor
MIC Orchestra, Music and Ensembles
BEd IT &
Hayward, Mrs SEnglish Department
MIC Public Speaking and Gavel Club
MIC Boys Highlights
BA (Hons),
Hudson, Mr G
HOD Business Studies Department
HOD Tourism Department
Form 4 School House Tutor
B Com (Hons), PGCE
Hughes, Miss CCreative Arts Department
Form 4 Arcadia House Tutor
MIC Annual Production
BA (Hons), PGCE
Jooste, Ms JLife Sciences Department
Form 1 Arcadia House Tutor
MIC Photographic Society
BSc (Hons), BSc Biochemistry, MSc Chemistry
Jefferson, Mr D
Life Orientation Department
Director of Cricket
Keeton, Mr L
English Department
MIC Cross Country
MIC Athletics
Klopper, Mr JGeography Department
Form 4 Matheson House Tutor
Kock, Miss NE
Mathematics Department
Form 5 Sunnyside House Tutor
BEd (Intermediate)
Kowlaser, Mr NGeography Department
Form 4 Abernethy House Tutor
MIC Inter-House Play Festival
MIC Fantasy War Games
Kriel, Mrs L
Afrikaans Department
Form 5 Matheson House Tutor
MIC Chess
BTec(Post Ed), Dipl. Language Practice and Dynamics
Krugel, Mrs AHOD Afrikaans Department
Form 3 Armstrong House Tutor
BA (Hons),
Le Roux, Mrs K
English Department
MIC Drama Club

BA Psychology, PGCE
Loots, Mr P
Music Department
MIC Wildlife Society
Louw, Mr W
English Department
MIC Creative Writing Club
Maartens, Mrs C
Afrikaans Department
Form 1 Armstrong House Tutor
MIC Sailing Club
Maartens, Mr M
Geography Department
Form 1 Town House Tutor
BEd FET (General)
Martens, Miss C
Afrikaans Department
Form 2 Hofmeyr House Tutor
BA(Ed), B(Phil)
Matsolo, Mr R
Life Orientation Department
EMS Department
Form 5 School House Tutor
Matthys, Mr JMathematics Department
Form 3 Rissik House Tutor
MIC Student Christian Sociey
BSc Mathematical Statistics, PGCE
Mola, Mr MBLife Orientation Department
Form 4 Solomon House Tutor
MIC Basketball
BTech Tourism,
Moodley, Mr D
Physical Science Department
Sunnyside House Housemaster
Parents' Association Representative
Nel, Mrs B
Life Sciences Department
German Department
Form 5 Abernethy House Tutor
BSc (Hons), PGCE
Nell, Ms J
English Department
Deputy MIC Social Outreach
Nixon, Mr AMathematics Department
Armstrong House Housemaster
BCom, BA,
O'Donoghue, Mr R
Geography Department
Solomon House Housemaster
Oelofse, Ms NForm 4 Hofmeyr House TutorBEd,
Ogunbade, Mr POG
Physical Science Department
Form 3 Town Tutor
BSc (Hons), DipEd, MSc (Phys)
Opperman, Miss H
Afrikaans Department
Orr, Mr J
Life Sciences Department
Arcadia House Housemaster
MIC Pipe Band
BEd (Hons)
Paro, Mr SMathematics & Mathematics Literacy Department
Form 1 Solomon House Tutor
Penrose, Mr BTechnology/EGD Department
Form 2 Matheson House Tutor
MIC Archery
BEd (Hons),
Petros, Mr STechnology Department
Form 5 Solomon House Tutor
MIC Soccer
BEng (Hons),
Pieterse, Mrs V
Afrikaans Department
Form 1 Hofmeyr House Tutor
Matric Dance Coordinator
Pretorius, Mr HS
Afrikaans Department
Form 2 Solomon House Tutor
MIC Mountain Biking
Prinsloo, Ms J
Afrikaans Department
Form 2 Town House Tutor
MIC Boys Highlights
BA (Hons), PGCE
Reyburn, Mrs YActing HOD Music DepartmentBMus,
Robertson, Dr JEnglish Department
MIC Choir
PhD (LLL), DLitt, BMus, BA (Hons)
Ronga, Mrs TM
Geography DepartmentBA, BSocSc (Hons), HED
Roode, Mrs DLHOD Information Technology Department
BEd (Hons), MSc (Mathematical Statistics)
Rust, Mr H
Accounting Department
Rissik House Housemaster
Rust, Mrs M
Afrikaans Department
MIC Drama Club
BA (Hons), PGCE
Segaar, Mrs TIT/CAT Department
NHDip, BTech,
Singh, Mrs S
English DepartmentBEd, BPaed, NDip Remedial
Smith, Mrs LHOD History Department
Stephens, Mr C
Physical Science Department
Abernethy House Housemaster
MIC Squash
BSc, BEd (Hons), PGCE
Stewart, Mr LForm 5 Rissik House Tutor
Strength & Conditioning Coach
MTech (Sport Sciences),
Stolp, Dr MMusic DepartmentPhD, MMus,
Thompson, Mrs TC
HOD Life Sciences DepartmentBEd, FET
Townsend, Mr RForm 1 Rissik House Tutor
MIC Wrestling
Truter, Mr WPhysical Sciences Department
Form 3 Hofmeyr House Tutor
MIC Climbing
MIC Technical Support Team
MIC Science Club
Tucker, Mrs I
Afrikaans Department
Form 3 Sunnyside House Tutor
Tucker, Mr J
Mathematics Department
Town House Housemaster
BCom (Hons), PGCE, ACE
Van den Berg, Mrs AMathematics Department
MIC Debating
BA (Hons), HDE
Van der Berg, Mr BEnglish Department
Form 3 Arcadia House Tutor
MIC Debating
MIC Public Speaking and Gavel Club
Van Straten, JE Mrs
Physical Sciences Department
Form 1 Sunnyside House Tutor
Van Suilichem, Mr D
HOD Physical Sciences Department
Form 5 Town House Tutor
BEd, HEd, Dip. Datametrics
Van Vollenhoven, Mr IMathematics Department
Form 3 School House Tutor
MIC Fencing
BSc, BEd (Hons), PGCE
Van Wyk, Mrs SM
History Department
Academic Department Assistant
Venter, Mr J
HOD Life Orientation Department
Form 3 Abernethy House Tutor

NatDip Sport, PGCE
Viljoen, Ms SAccounting Department
MIC Ballroom Dancing
Vlag, Mrs PHOD English Department
MIC Social Outreach
Wagener, Mrs IHOD German Department
Form 2 Armstrong House Tutor
MA (German) BA (Hons)
Welthagen, Ms YEnglish Department
MIC Gumboot Dancers
Williams, Mr DEnglish DepartmentBTh, PGCE
Wright, Mr DHOD Engineering, Graphics & Design Department
Form 2 Sunnyside House Tutor
Zambara, Mr N
Physical Sciences DepartmentBEd (Hons), M Dev & Man, ACE, Dip Ed
NameDesignationQualificationsEmailExtension number
Armstrong, Mr MMuseum Curator, Pretorian Magazinemarmstrong@boyshigh.com250
Botha, Mrs IBookkeeperbookkeep@boyshigh.com284
Brett, Ms NEstate Operations Managerestateadmin@boyshigh.com438
Cameron, Mrs CAdmissions Secretary, Matric Certificates, Testimonialsadmissions@boyshigh.com145
Chapman, Mrs HAcademic Secretary, Second Master's Secretaryacademic@boyshigh.com115
Cook, Mr JBusiness Managerbusinessmanager@boyshigh.com118
De Beer, Mrs SPBHS Old Boys Associationinfo@pbhsob.com200
De Clerk, Mrs ACashieradeclerk@boyshigh.com116
De Pinho, Mrs RPollock Secretarypollock@boyshigh.com244
Dodds, Ms KHeadmaster's Secretaryheadmastersecretary@boyshigh.com106
Driescher, Mr ABush School Coordinatoradriescher@boyshigh.com119
Ehlers, Mrs DDebtor's Clerk - School Feesaccounts@boyshigh.com141
Hoogendoorn, Mr EIT/Printersehoogendoorn@boyshigh.com125
Janse van Rensburg, Ms CProcurement Officerprocurement@boyshigh.com260
Louw, Mrs CDeputy's Secretaryclouw@boyshigh.com108
Mokoena, Ms REstate Admin Assistantestateoffice@boyshigh,com441
Morezzi, Mrs SFinance Assistantsmorezzi@boyshigh.com111
Parker, Ms TPR, Marketing & Communications pr@boyshigh.com104
Pieterse, Mr GFacilities Managerfacilitiesmanager@boyshigh.com442
Smit, Mrs AAccountantaccountant@boyshigh.com107
Swart, Ms MHead of Housekeepinghousekeeping@boyshigh.com246
Theron, Mrs HCreditorscreditors@boyshigh.com410
Van Der Horst, Mr EIT Administratorit@boyshigh.com126
Van Der Walt, Mrs CHR Administratorhr@boyshigh.com259
van Staden, Ms LClothing Shoppbhsclothing@boyshigh.com121
Wallace, Mrs GReceptionreception@boyshigh.com100
Anthony, Mr PDirector of
Bolduc, Ms AMIC
Botha, Mr GMIC
Davies, Mr CMIC Table
Fielding, Mr CDirector of
Housdon, Mr MSports
Jefferson, Mr DDirector of
Keeton, Mr LMIC Athletics & Cross
Louw, Mr FDirector of Water
Mola, Mr MDirector of
Petros, Mr SMIC
Pretorius, Mr HMIC Mountain
Stewart, Mr LStrength & Conditioning
Stephens, Mr CMIC
Stoffberg, Mr GProfessional Tennis
Truter, Mr WMIC
Van Vollenhoven, Mr IMIC
NameDesignationQualificationsEmailExtension Number
Aronstam, Mr MCounselling PsychologistB SocSci MA Counselling Psychologymaronstam@boyshigh.com257
Bestbier, Mrs AEducational PsychologistB Ed; B Ed Hons (Educational Psychology); M Ed (Educational Psychology)abestbier@boyshigh.com218
Mansell, Mrs LSchool NurseBCur and Diploma in Nursing Educationsansister@boyshigh.com225
Skippers, Mrs LClinical Psychologistlskippers@boyshigh.comsan@boyshigh.com139
Stephens, Mrs CSchool NurseBCur and BCur Et at Adminsan@boyshigh.com225


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