Parent’s Newsletter – December 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians


This past year has flown by and I have been very pleased with how the school has performed and how our young men have developed. We said farewell to our Form V matriculating group with some sadness as they left us after a good year as seniors in the school. We wish our current Form IVs all the very best as they step up into the leadership positions vacated for them.


Our examinations are complete and results will be made available to parents in the form of the final report from Wednesday 6 December. I would like to congratulate those whose efforts resulted in consistent excellence or an improvement and urge those who did not achieve the results they had hoped for to reapply themselves in the new academic year. Please remember that we do have the facility to offer academic support through our Counselling Department and parents are encouraged to make use of these services sooner rather than later.


The year closed with the release of the proposed changes to the SA Schools Act which has caused much debate in many quarters. I am pleased that the National Minister has extended the deadline for submission of comments due to the many submissions that were sent. I hope that the final changes allow for schools of excellence, with good governance structures to continue to operate as before.


My thanks go to the entire school community for their support this past year. Thanks, in particular, go to the outgoing Form V parent community who have assisted the school in any manner, be it through serving as a volunteer in the tuckshop or on the PA or SGB. Three Governors left us, Mr Gerald Kennealy who was the Chairperson, Dr Mafu Rakometsi (HR and staffing) and Mr Deon Schürmann (Estates). We thank them for their excellent service to the school for many years. Their places have been filled by co-opted members until the elections for the new SGB which will take place in March 2018. Further details will be given to parents in the new year.


Staff News


We said farewell to a number of teachers at the end of this year and thanked them for their loyal service to the school. These included:


  • Mr Peter Noonan who retires from education and who has been in our LO department for the past nine years
  • Mrs Anthea le Roux (Mathematics) who leaves to spend more time with her young family
  • Dr Janice Robertson (English) who leaves to study further
  • Ms Boitomelo Seema (Physical Sciences) who is also going to continue her studies
  • Mr Keith Mansfield (English) who was a temporary replacement for the past six months




I am delighted with the new staff we have been able to appoint which include:


  • Mr Brad Burrow (English)
  • Ms Gayle Goddard (English)
  • Mr Gareth Hudson (LO)
  • Mr Romeo Matsolo (LO)
  • Mr Clement Mongatane (Physical Sciences)
  • Ms Jeanne Prinsloo (Afrikaans)
  • Mr Wilbert Tenga (Mathematics)
  • Mr Kyle Wilson (Geography)

We welcome these new teachers to our school and trust that they enjoy their time with us.


We congratulate Mrs Nel on the birth of her baby girl, Hannah, Mr Adendorff on the birth of his daughter, Mackenzie, Mrs Bouwer on the birth of Elizabeth and to Mr Fourie on his engagement.


Final thoughts


My closing remarks concern parenting and I share some thoughts on this matter after a number of conversations with parents whose sons have been largely successful in their school careers. I asked those parents what routines and practices they encouraged as parents in their homes that allowed their children to grow as individuals while maintaining discipline and respect for those around them. I shared some of these thoughts with the boys at assembly and I share them with you below.


Many families regard mealtimes as sacred and insist on at least one meal per day together as a family, around a table, where family conversation takes place. For many busy families this was hard to do, but it was attempted during the week. On weekends, Sunday lunches were considered to be family lunches where the family sat together for a meal. This meal was not in front of a TV and no phones were allowed which meant that families had to talk to each other. Most cultures have a high regard for meals and the sharing of meals as a community and I worry that in the frenetic lifestyles we all have that we may be losing this. I urge you to try to eat together as a family as often as you can.


Many parents provide cell phones for their children and allow their children to access social media. Check your son’s phone from time to time and monitor his social media content. This is not just my advice but endorsed by many experts on social media. Your son should have nothing to hide from his parents and should not be saying anything on social media he would not want to be shared in public.


It has been shown that you should not be your son’s friend and never say that you are. I see countless cases where something has gone wrong after a parent has tried to be his son’s friend rather than his parent. Parents can be friendly to their sons but never their friend. It is almost impossible to provide boundaries and maintain discipline if a child is confused by the relationship he has with his parents. He has many age-appropriate friends but only has one set of parents and I urge parents to maintain the role that parents need to play. You have a right to set these boundaries and you have a right to say “no”. It is so much easier to do this if your child understands that you are his parent and not his friend.


Encourage a diverse range of interests and activities. A busy boy is a happy boy and will not have time for mischief. A boy cannot focus only on his studies – he needs physical activity to flourish and grow. It is also far better that he has a range of activities, be they sporting or cultural, that allows him to become well-rounded in his outlook on life.


I share these few thoughts not as an expert on parenting but as an experienced educator who has found these common traits in families that have experienced relatively few unpleasant issues as they raise their children. Feel free to use these ideas as you wish as you travel this growing-up journey with your son. This is not an easy road to travel and I wish you well for the years ahead.


Enjoy the time spent with your son this holiday. To those celebrating Christmas, I wish you all the very best for this most important day and to all I wish you a safe and restful festive season. I look forward to another good year at Boys High in 2018.


Kind regards

Tony Reeler



School Fees

At the budget meeting, the following fees were approved for 2017:


Tuition Fees                          R 49 000 per annum (Form I and II)

R 47 000 per annum (Form III – IV)

R 47 850 per annum (Form V-includes book deposit)

Boarding Fees                      R 58 950 per annum (additional)

Boarding House Fund        R 2 450 (This amount is payable by boarders only, when they enter the school. It is a once-off payment – a sliding scale applies to new boarders entering in higher forms i.e. Form II-R 1 960, Form III-R1 470, Form IV – R980, Form V- R490)


An early-settlement discount of 3% on tuition fees and 3% on boarding fees may be deducted if these fees are paid in full BEFORE 31 January 2018.


Please note that all fees are payable annually IN ADVANCE with an option of paying monthly from 01 January in ten equal payments. If you choose to pay monthly, then the minimum payment must be made each month by debit order only. The school relies on a steady income for running costs and cannot allow parents to only settle accounts in October. Please remember to deduct the advance payment you made from the January 2018 instalment.


Please note that parents of new boys are required to sign a debit order approval form for the monthly instalment if fees are not paid in advance.  It is the sole responsibility of the Parents/Guardians to complete the Debit Order Form and return the completed form, together with proof of banking details to the School’s Finance Department prior to end of the current (2017) school year.


School banking details:      First National Bank

Hatfield Branch, Branch Code 252145

Account Name: Pretoria Boys High School

Account Number: 62565719691

Reference: Fee account number, surname & name


Following up parents who default on fee payments is embarrassing to all concerned and best avoided through good communication. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please make sure you contact us before matters are taken out of our hands. My thanks go to those who do honour their commitments, on time, which enables us to operate efficiently. Our collection rate remains the highest that I know of amongst schools that we traditionally engage with.


2018 School Terms


Term 1                        17 January – 28 March

Term 2                        10 April – 22 June

Term 3                        17 July – 28 September

Term 4                        9 October – 12 December


School commences on week 1, day 3 of the cycle.

Boarders should report on the evening of Tuesday 16th January 2018.


Personal Details


Please ensure, once again, that the School is kept up to date with any changes to addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, marital status, emergency contact details etc. It is essential that we are able to contact parents should it be necessary. The school has a legal responsibility to communicate with custodial parents and it is therefore important that we are made aware of any changes to parental status. Kindly email any changes to Ms Dodds ( and Mrs Ehlers (




Our warm congratulations go to the following boys:



Head Prefect: Kyle Brown; Deputy Head Prefect: Chris Gous

Andrew Baxter, Rhys Bekker, Caleb Campbell, Lorenzo Carvalheiro, Richard da Costa, Zian De Swardt, David de Villiers, Jan Hendrik Dreyer, Dylan Greeff, Francois Grobler, Jordan Harris, Moses Idowu, Khanya Jada, Matthew Joubert, Tarik Lalla, Brendan Lochner, Arnold Magezi, Sedise Makhura, Callen Matzopoulos, Francois Mellet, Ruben Mentz, Rhys Milton, Graham Mitchell, Tshego Motjuwadi, Ryan Muller, Kuhle Ngcongo, Sihle Ngcongo, Conrad Reid, Nicky Rovetto, Jarryd Stone, Theron Treurnicht, Ferdi van den Heever


Art & Culture Awards



Half Colours             Brendan de Beer, Christiaan Holm, Mel Janse van Rensburg, Atlegang Modibela, Jonathan Nordengen

Full Colours              Gofaone Garegae, Nicholas Holtzhausen, Alex Jacobs, Adrian Rae, Arjen van Renssen



Media Centre

Half Colours             Nicholas Geerdink, Luke Wardlaw

Full Colours              Moses Idowu


First Aid

Half Colours             Naledzi Modzuka, Morekolodi Skosana


Social Outreach

Full Colours              Brendan Els


Sporting Awards



Half Colours             Ongeziwe Dumzela (Triple jump), Phillip Kweza (100m), Jack van Aswsegen (100m), Xaidon Witbooi (1500m)

Full Colours             Letsema Mahuma (high jump), Keagan Fulton (100m) (re-awards);  Lorenzo Carvalheiro (3000m & 10000m), Kganyo Molete (800m), Kieron Nicol (triple jump), Kyle van Aswegen (400m & 110 m hurdles) (new awards)

Honours                    Matthew Joubert (100m) (re-award); Matthew Forrester (3000m & 1500m) (new award)



Half Colours             Dylan Greeff, Jason Kraft, Lafras van Vuuren (re-awards); Joshua Wienand (new award)

Full Colours              Kyle Preece (re-award); Wald Truter, Hanu Viljoen (new awards)

Honours                    Chris Britz

Team Award              Keelan Ashby, Ryan Joyce, Jordan Morris (re-awards); Alex Gurschl, Liam Treadwell (new awards)

North Gauteng U19A          Joseph Arendse, Chris Britz

North Gauteng U17A          Wisani Mushwana

North Gauteng U17B          Malibongwe Jimlongoe, Hanu Viljoen

North Gauteng U15A          Zeeshan Ahmed Ismail, Chearn Manus


Cross Country

Half Colours             Kieran Killen, Justin Smith

Full Colours              Lorenzo Carvalheiro (re-award); Matthew Forrester, Jan Joubert (new award)



Headmaster’s Prestige

Junior                                     Daniel Keil

Senior                                                Matthew Forrester



Full Colours                          Jesse Ndjeke



Form I Champion                 Gareth Craigen


Water Polo

Half Colours                         Rhys Bekker, Richard da Costa (re-awards); David de Villiers, Ryan Muller (new awards)

Full Colours                          Matthew Neser, Cole van Rooyen

Team Award                          Diego de Aveiro, Thomas Calenborne, Tristan Lunt

North Gauteng U16A          Bruce Anderson, Thomas Calenborne, Oliver Exter, Nathan Fogwill, Nathan Jammine, Tristan Lunt, Matthew Neser, Tshepiso Ntuli

North Gauteng U15A          Luigi Bevilacqua, William Fairhurst, Joshua Lifschitz, Liam McKenzie, Aodhan Narayan, Brandon October, Thomas Pearse, Ross Tosi, Cornel Watson

North Gauteng U14A          Dyllan Condes, Matthew Gall, Shiloh Maposa, Jean Robinson

North Gauteng U14B          Jordan Brewer, Alex McKay, Joshua Mitchell, Maarten van der Merwe




Half Colours                         James Isherwood, Tshego Motjuwadi


Water Polo

Half Colours                         Thomas Calenborne, Justin Cross, Karl Muller


Inter House summary

Academic                              Abernethy

Sports                                     School

Cultural                                  Armstrong

Overall winner                      School




Other Achievements


Rugby – Pieter van der Merwe was selected for the SA Noordvaal U16 rugby team and will undertake a tour to Ireland in December.

Fencing – Jesse Ndjeka won a bronze medal in the U17 age group section at the Gaborone Open fencing tournament held in Botswana during November.

Paintball – Liam Hind was selected for the Gauteng U19 provincial team and will represent his province at the SANPA Provincial Cup.

Mathematics Olympiad – Lethabo Masenya (Form II) was the top junior and Graham Mitchell (Form IV) was the top senior in the Siyanquoba Regional training programme at University of Pretoria.  Graham received the award for the top achiever in Quintile 5 schools as well as overall top achiever in the province for the second round of the Maths Olympiad.

National World Knowledge Olympiad – this was organised by the University of the Free State and Pedran Wessels received second place and Arno de Bruin received third place.  Pedran came first in the school across all the grades.

Ballroom Dancing – Marcíanco de Oliveira and his partner achieved 2nd place for Latin American and 1st place for ballroom at the SADTA Gauteng challenge.

Judo – Marcíanco de Oliveira achieved first position in the SA Schools championships where he earned his Gauteng North colours and Judo SA colours.

Chess – Willie Botha (U16), Daniel Wolfhart (U16) and Louhan Fourie (U18) were chosen to represent Tshwane at the SA junior chess championships to be held in January 2018.

Equestrian– Michael Buchan received his Gauteng Equestrian colours for ‘stadium eventing’ in the level 3 category.  He went on to represent Gauteng in the National Championships.


Selected Proposed Dates for 2018


PLEASE NOTE: The dates are subject to change and are still being finalised. A full calendar will be issued to all boys and will appear on the Communicator and website.  Please always refer to the Communicator before phoning the school.



Wednesday, 17th January      –           Term 1 begins

Saturday 20th January                        –           Old Boys Summer Sports Day

Friday 26th January                –           Inter-House Gala

Tuesday 6th February             –           PA AGM

Tuesday 20th February           –           Matric Information Evening

Sunday 25th March                 –           Café Concert starts until 27th March

Friday 28th March                   –           Term 1 ends

Tuesday 10th April                   –           Term 2 begins

Friday/Saturday 13/14 April    –           Maritzburg College Exchange (away)

Saturday 21st April                  –           Parktown Winter Fixture (home)

Friday 27th April                      –           Freedom Day

Monday 30th April                   –           School Holiday

Tuesday 1st May                     –           Worker’s Day

Saturday 5th May                    –           St Albans Winter Fixture (home)

Saturday 12th May                  –           Hilton Winter Fixture (home)

Saturday 19th May                  –           St Johns Winter Fixture (away)

Saturday 26th May                  –           St Benedicts Winter Fixture (away)

Thursday 31st May                  –           Examinations start (until 30 June)

Friday 2nd June                       –           Founders Day

Saturday 3rd June                   –           Jeppe Winter Fixture (home)

Saturday 9th June                   –           St Stithians Winter Fixture (home)

Saturday 16th June                 –           Highland Gathering

Friday 22nd June                     –           Term 2 ends

Tuesday 17th July                   –           Term 3 begins

Saturday 21st July                               KES Fixture (home)

Saturday 28th July                  –           Maritzburg College Exchange (home)

Saturday 4th August                –           Affies Winter Fixture (away)

Thursday 9th August               –           Public Holiday

Friday 10th August                  –           School Holiday

Saturday 15th August              –           Inter High Athletics

Sunday 23rd September         –           4-Schools Concerts start until 25th September

Thursday 27th September       –           Matric Dance

Friday 28th September            –           Term 3 ends

Tuesday 9th October               –           Term 4 begins & Valediction

Wednesday 10th October       –           Final Assembly

Tuesday 30th October             –           Parents Fee Setting Meeting and AGM

Friday 9th November              –           Remembrance Day Assembly

Wednesday 12 December      –           Term 4 ends


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