Parents Newsletter – March 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians

Yet another first term has passed and the year has started with the usual activities and functions which have gone well. I hope that the new boys and particularly those in Form I have settled in quickly and are starting to find their place in the school. I have been delighted with the feedback I have received from new parents so far and I wish you all well for the rest of the year.

Academic matters

Your son will have received a report for the first term which gives an indication of his academic performance thus far. Please note that in some cases, particularly for our new boys and new boarders, these results may not be what you expect from him. The boys do take some time to adjust to a new style of education, where greater emphasis is placed on their taking greater responsibility for their work and this adjustment may have been manifested in their marks. Encourage him to get down to work as soon as possible next term and I am sure you will see a great improvement.

Those who have done well deserve our congratulations but should also take note that most of the assessments were shorter in length than a full examination would be and the marks may be inflated as a result thereof. Either way, please sit down with your son, discuss his results with him and help him set clear, reachable goals for the second term.

The term starts on Tuesday 18 April and the boys have just over seven weeks before the mid-year exams are written. This full set of exams will be a far better reflection of his efforts in class and I urge you to make sure he is properly prepared for them.

Staff news

We congratulate Mrs Veronica Pieterse and her husband on the birth of their first child, Andre and wish Mrs Bouwer well for the birth of her first child in August. Mr and Mrs Blew are also expecting a further addition to their family.  Glen Botha announced his engagement and Ms Ella van Zyl got married and is now Mrs Venter.

Mr Graham Pearl leaves us after a very brief time at the school to return to his family in KZN and we wish him well for the relocation.

We welcomed Liesl van der Linden who has taken over from Lore McEvoy who retired after 20 years’ service to the school.  Mrs Geraldine Wallace has replaced Mrs Heather Chapman who will take over from Mrs Janice Kingsley.

Mrs Janice Kingsley retires after almost twenty years’ service to Boys High and we thank her for her devotion to duty, attention to detail and loyal service. We wish her a peaceful and restful retirement.


Our school prides itself on the high standards we set, particularly in discipline, dress and appearance. That is often the most important reason parents give when asked why they chose our school for their son. When I ask boys why they want to be here, they often talk about the levels of discipline that are higher than many other schools. With this in mind, we ask for your help in ensuring that your son’s appearance is what we expect. The rules are clearly laid out in the Code of Conduct, yet many boys flout the hair rules, having styles that are not suited to a conservative environment. As parents, you see your son every day. Please do not allow him to have a hairstyle that is contrary to our requirements.

As a teenage boy he will try to take a chance and push the limits. As adults, we have to help them understand that a school environment is different and that rules apply. I speak specifically of hairstyles where the sides are cut much, much shorter than the top which is either allowed to grow high, or long with a fringe falling into the eyes. These styles are not permitted by the Hair Committee and your son will be creating unnecessary difficulties for himself by having such a style. Please impress on him that school times are short – he can do what he likes when he has left school but while he is here, he needs to abide by the rules.


I attended a meeting at the Brooklyn SAPS station last week at which the crime statistics were reported for the first quarter. It was pleasing to note the relative lack of incidents in the area around our school but parents are urged to remain vigilant when it comes to dropping their sons off and fetching them. Look out for valuables that are lying in plain sight, lock cars properly and encourage your son not to display obvious signs of wealth and thus become an easy target. I refer to boys talking on cell phones on the way home (which they shouldn’t be doing anyway!) and thus becoming attractive to a potential mugger. All that is required is common sense.

School times

For the past three months, we have experimented with having assembly at the start of the day to try to ease young adolescents into the day as opposed to starting with an academic lesson. We have not noticed any improvement in attention or attitude of the classes and will thus revert to the old system of having assemblies after the third period. The only exception to this will be on a Wednesday when Tutor period will remain at the start of the day. All other assemblies and the test/reading period will be after period three.

School activities

There have been so many outstanding public appearances from our boys in so many areas that it is hard to single out any particular one. I do want to mention the music department who continued to amaze and impress us with yet another outstanding Café Concert. Well done to all boys and staff on this annual event. This year we will be hosting the Four Schools Concert in our new hall for the first time and it promises to be a truly magnificent show.


Admissions 2018

The Gauteng Department of Education has decided to continue with admissions at Grade 1 and Grade 8 level online. It is hoped that the technical difficulties experienced last year have been resolved. Parents applying for their sons for Grade 8 next year MUST apply online and MUST apply as soon as possible from 08:00 on 2 May as preference will be given in the system to those who apply timeously. The full process is detailed on our website.

Colours awards

We are a school that acknowledges performance in the three areas of academic achievement, sport and culture through the awarding of colours. These criteria are very clearly set and are as objective as possible. They are published around the school and boys know what is expected of them to attain the various levels of achievement.

I ask parents to respect these awards and if your son has not managed to get the award he wanted, not to get involved. There are very good reasons why the awards are made and they are not made lightly. A great deal of research is done and the awards are made in accordance with the criteria. If there is a subjective element to the award such as standard of play, that determination rests with the coaches and the manager of that team and, while we may not agree, we need to respect that. There will be an element of subjectivity in some awards, particularly for team sports and that is the nature of such awards. Your son is best helped by your consoling him if he doesn’t get an award and to leave it there.

Final thoughts

There have been many times when I have heard inspirational messages from people who have done extraordinary things that stretch the limits of human endeavour. One such person was Peter van Kets who I was fortunate to hear speak at the annual International Boys Schools Coalition conference. Peter has, amongst other things, paddled with another man across the Atlantic Ocean in a race which they won. Unsatisfied with this achievement, he then did it again – this time as a solo paddler. I spoke to the boys about his achievement but I don’t think they grasped the full impact of his efforts as he battled the elements, physical exhaustion and his own state of mind for 50 days with a partner and just over 70 days on his own. In describing what kept him going through possibly the ultimate adversity, he used the word “grit” to try to explain what was needed to succeed. He defined grit as the ability to overcome challenges, to stare at adversity in the face and to rise above it and to keep going. To maintain a perspective on what was truly important which was the end, not the smaller difficulties along the journey.

Our boys will encounter adversity many times in their lives – more so after school when they leave the relatively sheltered environment of home. Surely we have a responsibility as parents and as a school to teach them how to cope with adversity and how to overcome challenges? If we “save” our children too soon and too often, we run the risk of setting them up for failure later in life when they truly are on their own. I spoke earlier about disappointment with colours for example, which should be something they deal with on their own but with our love and support. I speak of disappointment with selection for positions or teams and I speak of games lost where we as parents try to help them by blaming others or trying to take up the battle on their behalf. I would argue that this has the completely opposite effect to what we are trying to do in raising resilient young men and instead of setting them up for a life where they will have to deal with challenges, they will fall short when life’s first tough lesson arrives.

Peter’s journey is well documented on the internet and there are a number of YouTube clips that are well worth watching as he describes his journey far better than I can. I urge you to have a look – you will be most inspired!

Finally, I would like to thank all parents for their support of the school and wish you well for what I hope will be a safe and restful holiday, even if it is just over the long weekend. I wish our Christian families a blessed Easter and I look forward to a good second term.

Kind regards


Tony Reeler



Easter Holiday Sporting Activities

The following Easter Festivals will be taking place:


1st XV team at Kearsney Easter Festival from 13th to 17th April

2nd XV team at Krugersdorp High School Festival from 13th to 17th April

U16A team at Jeppe Boys Festival from 1st to 4th April

U15A team at Parktown Boys Festival from 31st March to 2nd April

U14A team at Parktown Boys Festival from 31st March to 2nd April


The 1st team will be attending the Nomads Festival at Hilton from 31st March to 3rd  April as well as the St Stithians Festival from 13th to 17th April

The U16A team will be attending the U16 Nomads festival which takes place at Jeppe Boys from 31st March to 3rd April.

The U14A team will take part in the U14 Nomads festival being held at Grey College from 7th to 10th April.


The 1st team will be taking part in the Durban High School Tournament from 13th to 17th April.


The Boys High Golf team will play in the A.H.S. Festival from 5th April to 8th April playing at the following courses:  Wingate, Copperleaf, Serengeti and Blue Valley.


The 1st team will be attending the St Stithians Festival from 13th April to 16th April.



Our warm congratulations go to the following boys:

Representative Council of Learners – 2017

RCL Committee:  Chairman: Ningi Macheke; Vice Chairman: Quintin Hartley; Secretary: Joshua Harper; Advertising Officer: Dylan Talbot; Teacher Liaison:  Mrs M Petrou

Abernethy:  Otto Maree, Jan Hendrik Dreyer, Alvin Drabile, Jason Maracha Bond, Raoul Mahabeer

Arcadia: Ningi Macheke, Lorenzo Carvalheiro, Ntokozo Menemene, Joss Mills, Thato Nako

Armstrong: Joshua Harper, Tarik Lalla, Adrian Malan, Calvin Botha, Matthew Meyer

Hofmeyr: Luca Lohrentz, Joshua Da Silva, Ketan Behari, David Choi, Johann Kok

Matheson: Azhar Noor Mahomed, Gibran Cassim, Kieran Killan, Adam Vorster, Scott Smith

Rissik: Quintin Hartley, Naledi Mokete, Dylan Talbot, Christian Shandu, Byron Andrew

School: Makoma Mojela, Emile Botha, Mbulelo Stephen, Smangaliso Ntuli, Slade Hatton-Jones

Sunnyside: Chad Gold, Frederick Van den Heever, Connor Venn, Mikael Kotze, Tumelo Madi

Solomon: Mark Coetzer, Jordan Harris, Daniel Cloete, Justin Meintjies, Alex Grundlingh

Town: Motheo Tlhagale, Cameron Blake, Mbano Sibande, Jason van Gylswyk, Kizito Nsanzya


Academic Colours (based on 2016 promotion results)

Half Colours             Form III: Ashley Bode, Lorenzo Carvalheiro, James Davies, Almog Funis, Dylan Greeff, Kayur Lakha, Sedise Makhura, Francois Mellet, Darryl Nyamayaro, Werner Scholtz, Theron Treurnicht, Anton van Dyk, Devon van Rensburg, Alexander van Twisk, Thomas Wilke, Werner Wombo

Form IV: Lere Adewole, Christ du Toit, Timothy Fogwill, Delwyn Gordon, Andrew Gouws, Gerrit Hasenjager, Benedikt Johannes, Adrian Joseph, Angelo Rossi, Arno Snyman, Daniël Zöttl (re-awards); Thendo Demana, John-Henry Faul, Marco Jordaan, Janse Laurens, Marinus Mohr, Azhar Noor Mahomed, Sandro Nobrega de Freitas, Sean Pelser, Alessandro Sigalas, Avinash Summun (new awards)

Full Colours              Form III: Kyle Brown, David Coetzee, Greg Comins, David de Villiers, Jan Hendrik Dreyer, Justin Jeon, Francois Grobler, Simeon Jamison, Adrian Rae, Nicky Rovetto, Lefteri Vlahos

Form IV:  Conor Davis, Jan Joubert, Anton Prinsloo, Matthew Velcich (re-awards); Adriaan Odendaal, Christopher Scherman, Tristan van Schalkwyk (new awards)

Honours                    Form III: Christopher Gous, Alex Jacobs, Graham Mitchell, Brendan Pretorius

                                    Form IV: Kyle Mathews (re-award); Luca Lohrentz (new award)



Form I Chess Champion    Willie Botha

Allen Harding Swiss           Costaki Potgieter


Inter House Public Speaking

Juniors                                   Hofmeyr (Johann Kok)

Seniors                                  Rissik (Tshego Motjuwadi)

Junior City Council

Form III Representative       Mbano Sibande


Gauteng North

U17                                         Mel Janse van Rensburg

Sporting Awards


Half Colours                         Sino Qanya (re-award); Xabiso Kunene, Shaun Letsoalo, Mako Mutezo, Thato Nyawo, Nicky Rovetto, Keeghan Smith (new awards)

Full Colours                          Stefan Sutton (re-awards); Cameron Duncan, Cameron Frans, Ewald Minny, Fezile Quvile, Ofentse Tladi


Full Colours                          Christ Britz, Kyle Preece (re-awards); Dylan Greeff (new award)

Team Award                          Jason Krafft (re-award); Joseph Arendse, Keelan Ashby, Chris Gous, Ryan Joyce, Ruben Mentz, Jordan Morris, Wald Truter, Lafus van Vuuren, Hanu Viljoen, Joshua Wienand (new awards)


Half Colours                         Anton van Dyk, David de Villiers, Estevan Kuhn (re-awards); Ivan Horak, Johnlouis Landskron, Matthew Neser, Seth Scott, Connor Venn (new awards)

Full Colours                          Jonathan Horn, Cameron Howes, Dillan Venn

Honours                                Evan Fair, Gerrit Hasenjager, Kyle van den Heever

Victor Ludorums

U14                                         Joshua Mitchell

U15                                         Ivan Horak

U16                                         Rialdo Roeloffze

U17                                         Jonathan Horn

U19                                         Evan Fair

Water Polo

Half Colours                         Rhys Bekker, Richard da Costa, Cole van Rooyen

Full Colours                          Carl Jacobz, Daniele Paris, Deon Schürmann, Kyle van der Heever

Team Award                          Cameron Howes (re-award); Diego de Aviero, David de Villiers, Matthew Neser, Luca Martins, Ryan Muller (new awards)

Water Polo: Service

Full Colours                          Thabang Madi

Sport Captains

Athletics                     Keagan Fulton

Basketball                 Stefan Sutton

Climbing                    Daniel De Roubaix

Cricket                        Chris Britz

Cross Country          Bruce Campbell

Fencing                     Dawid Coetzee

Golf                             Keegan McLachlan

Hockey                       To follow

Rugby                        To follow

Squash                      Blaine Verhage

Swimming                 Evan Fair

Table Tennis             Muhammad Karim

Tennis                        Jordan Sauer

Water Polo                Deon Schürmann


Gauteng North

U17                             Matthew Joubert (200m)

U19                             Kuda Musanhu (triple jump)

Matthew Forrester broke the School u/16 3000m record with a time of 8:57.76, the School u/16 2000m Steeplechase record with a time of 6:04.82, and the School 1000m record with a time of 2:40.00.

Lorenzo Carvalheiro broke the School u/17 2000m Steeplechase record with a time of 6:45.77.

Kyle Van Aswegen broke the School u/17 400m Hurdles record with a time of 55.91.

Cross Country

Junior Inter-House Cross Country           Daniel Keil

Senior Inter-House Cross Country           Matthew Forrester

U14                                                                 Claudio Jardim

U15                                                                 Daniel Keil

U16                                                                 Matthew Forrester

U17                                                                 Lorenzo Carvalheiro

U19                                                                 Jan Joubert

King of the Mountain Race                        Lorenzo Carvalheiro (breaking the course record with a time of 17:09)

Form 1 Race                                                 Claudio Jardim

10km Classic Race

Junior                                                             Justin Solomons (42.35)

Senior                                                                        Lorenzo Carvalheiro (34.26)

Social Race                                                  Matthew Forrester

Old Boys Race                     Matthew Forrester (he and Lorenzo Carvalheiro both broke the course record with times of 14:41 and 14:56 respectively)


Jonathan Horn will represent Gauteng North at the SA Schools Championships in April.


Gauteng North

U19                                         Adam van Harte 


Africa Energy Innovation Awards – Dale Holloway (Form II) has been nominated for this prize on the work that he did in this Form III science project “Mitigating the Effect of negative voltage coefficient in PV Cells’.

Judo – At the recent National Judo trials and Ranking Event, Brendan Pretorius obtained first position in the -90kg U18 (trials and ranking).  He has qualified to attend the Africa Judo Championship in Egypt.  He has also qualified for the Protea team.

Paintball – Liam Hind and Aiden Price (Form III) took part in the SA Regional Paintball league and received an overall third place for their division.

Climbing – Mel Janse van Rensburg qualified to represent North Gauteng at the National Climbing competition.

Fencing – Jesse Ndjeka (Form III) and Kean Chamberlain (Form II) won a silver and bronze medal at the Gauteng Schools Fencing Championship.

Simfonia Juventi 2017 – Brendon de Beer (Clarinet), Thendo Demana (Flute), Christiaan Holm (Trumpet), Marcus Hugo (Bass), Christof Joubert (Cello), Jan Joubert (Clarinet), Dharshan Pillay (Cello), Jonathan Wisniewski (French Horn 4)


Congratulations to the boys for these outstanding achievements.

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