Parents’ Newsletter – September 2018

Dear Parents/Guardians


As this is the last newsletter to go out to our leaving Form V parent group, I would like to thank them for their contribution these past five years. I hope that your sons have gained much from their time at Boys High and are ready to take on the challenges of life after school. I also hope that your experience as a parent here has been a good one and that many friendships have been made with fellow parents.


The Form Vs start their final examinations in the week of 22 October and finish on Tuesday 27 November with Music, although most will finish the previous day with their final English exam. The biggest challenge for matrics in this extended examination period is to remain focused and not to become bored. The key remains a healthy, balanced lifestyle with good eating habits, exercise, sleep and a combination of work and breaks. We are expecting the final results to be published around 3 January 2019. I would like to wish our Form V boys and their parents the very best of luck over the exam period.


It is worth noting that in a recent ruling from the Department of Basic Education, supplementary examinations have been scrapped in February and will only be written in June of the year following the final exam. In effect, this means that if a boy is unsuccessful in his final exam, he will have to wait a full year before completing matric.


International Boys Schools Coalition (IBSC) conference


I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the IBSC conference in Australia during the June/July holidays. The conference was well attended by around 650 delegates from 21 countries around the world. These were representatives from the top boys’ schools in the world – public and independent – and it was a privilege to be part of this special group and to learn with them. The key points I walked away with included the following:


  1. The need to continue to help boys in their reasoning skills as their brains take longer to develop, with full cognitive ability only possible around age 23
  2. The challenge facing boys with gender identification issues and how to best help them
  3. Dealing with bullying and bullies in boys’ schools and helping boys and parents realise that not all actions fall under this convenient label
  4. The use of smart phones by boys in schools and the relative lack of worth of these devices in an educational environment as they are currently used
  5. Responsible sexual citizenship and the education of boys to treat potential partners with respect

The biggest influence was the release of a study undertaken in boys’ schools in New Zealand where the academic performance of boys in single sex schools has been tracked for seven years and compared with boys in co-ed schools. The superior performance of boys in single sex schools across all social and economic groups is remarkable indeed and is a very strong argument for sending boys to boys-only schools. Parents who are interested in reading this research can access the Association of Boys Schools in New Zealand website. Of interest to South African education authorities is that it was found that the greatest impact of boys-only schools on academic performance was in the poorest schools. Perhaps a tentative solution to our education challenge lies in the creation of more single-sex schools?


In addition to attending the conference, I had the opportunity to speak to three different groups of Old Boys and to bring them up to date with events at the school and inform them of our plans going forward, including the bursary programme that we hope to push hard in the next few years.


Staff news

Cupid must have had a quiver full of arrows this term as we had three engagements and an upcoming wedding!


Mr Gareth Hudson & Ms Michaela Champion were engaged

Mr Craig Stephens and Sister Carina-Mari van der Linde were engaged

Ms Jamie-Lee Fisher was engaged to Dr Wade Evans

In addition, Mr Ryan Anderson and his fiancée Ms Lee-Anne Stevens will be getting married during the holidays


We bid farewell to two staff members at the end of this term. Mrs Isabelle Bonham is leaving the tuckshop as it changes format to an outsourced operation and we thank her for her role in organising parent volunteers and serving our boys these past few years.


Mrs Des Glover is leaving to relocate to Port Elizabeth and we thank her for her professional attitude and significant contribution in the Mathematics department and indeed many other areas of the school programme.


We welcomed Ms Simoneé Viljoen who took over as a teacher in Mr Cornelius Smit’s place.


Cultural news


Although Girls High were the official hosts, the annual Four Schools concert was held in our school hall and proved, once again, to be a massive success. Our compliments go to Dr van der Watt and the Music Department for a spectacular performance. Our boys in the orchestra and choir were truly remarkable.




The 2019 admissions process has been challenging to say the least with the first-come-first-served principle being strictly applied by the GDE. We have filled up the spaces in Form I for 2019 and are happy with the intake but future applicants are warned that application MUST be made as soon as the system is opened. It is of no use thinking that simply because one lives in the area or has another son at the school that admission is guaranteed – one also needs to apply immediately the admission system opens in order to secure admission.


Legalisation of marijuana


We are aware of the recent Constitutional Court ruling that legalises the private use of marijuana by adults in the privacy of their own homes. Our Counselling department have put together an information sheet for parents that was sent out yesterday, which I urge you to read.


Code of Conduct review


We repeat our call for proposed changes to the school Code of Conduct for boys. If there are any changes you would like to see, please email your thoughts to Mrs Dodds at




With our tuckshop operation changing to an outsourced facility, we would like to thank our dedicated group of parents, mainly Moms, who have given freely of their time these past few years in service to our boys in the tuckshop. We really do appreciate your sacrifices.


Closing thoughts


My final remarks refer to the research I alluded to earlier from New Zealand regarding the academic performance of boys in boys-only schools. The focus of the research was on the actual performance and its scope did not include evidential reasons for their findings. There was, however, opportunity for anecdotal findings that proved interesting to note.


Evidence for these reasons will be the focus of a secondary research project as well as looking at if similar outcomes exist in all-girls schools. For the moment, I felt it important to share the common threads of the reasons why people think boys perform better in all-boys schools.

  • There is a consistent focus on academic achievement as a core goal
  • Staff professional development focuses on the learning needs of boys specifically
  • There is a high engagement of parents and the broader community in boys’ schools
  • A strong extra-curricular programme contributes very positively to academic success
  • A strong pastoral support structure exists that is focused on the needs of boys
  • The culture of the school is carefully crafted and reinforced again and again
  • The development of all-round individuals is encouraged strongly
  • School culture, climate and ethos is a significant contributor to academic success
  • Aspiration, brotherhood and a focus on the “whole man”
  • A sense of belonging, pride in the institution and a feeling of not wanting to “let the group down”


I remain firmly of the opinion that different schools suit different boys but it is clear from research that the kinds of things we have stood for, for many years, such as a pursuit of excellence, a development of “good men” within a solid ethos of values and the camaraderie that exists, all add to the experience that can benefit boys.


Perhaps the lesson for parents in this is that if you want your boy to succeed, make sure he subscribes to the full experience that is Boys High and gets involved in the multitude of activities on offer. We have said for many years that a busy boy is a happy boy and a successful boy. Now we have the research to back this statement up!


I wish you a safe and happy, albeit brief, holiday with your boy as he prepares for the final term of the year.


Kind regards



Tony Reeler





Our warm congratulations go to the following boys:



Half Colours

Lorenzo Carvalheiro, Dawid Coetzee, Almog Funis, Francois Grobler, Jan-Hendrik Dreyer, Simeon Jamison, Nicky Rovetto, Thomas Wilke, Werner Wombo (re-awards); Diego de Aveiro, Dylan Greeff, Christiaan Grobler, Tyron King, Brendan Lochner, Joshua Malan, Quillan McIntyre, Regan Moen, Gregorio Sequeira, Jacobus Treurnicht (new awards)

Full Colours

Kyle Brown, Gregory Comins, David de Villiers, Christopher Gous, Brendan Pretorius, Adrian Rae, Lefteri Vlahos (re-awards); Ashley Bode, Kayur Lakha, Devon van Rensburg, Alexander van Twisk (new awards)


Alex Jacobs, Justin Jeon, Graham Mitchell (re-awards)



Art & Culture Awards



Gumboot Dancers

Full Colours              Theto Mashaba



Full Colours              Darryl Nyamayaro



Full Colours              Brendan Pretorius



Half Colours             Tino Ajay, Rui de Pinho, Conrad Reid, More Skosana


Inter-House Chess

1st Place                     Arcadia

2nd Place                    Abernethy

3rd Place                    Armstrong


Senior Inter-House Basketball

1st Place                     School

2nd Place                    Matheson

3rd Place                    Sunnyside


Junior Inter-House Basketball

1st Place                     Armstrong

2nd Place                    Sunnyside

3rd Place                    Solomon


Inter House Tennis

1st Place                     Matheson

2nd Place                    Armstrong

3rd Place                    Sunnyside



Senior Inter-House Rugby

1st Place                     Abernethy

2nd Place                    Hofmeyr

3rd Place                    Matheson


Junior Inter-House Rugby

1st Place                     Abernethy

2nd Place                    Arcadia

3rd Place                    Hofmeyr


Sporting Awards


Victor Ludorum

U14                             Alex Radloff

U15                             Liam Brown

U16                             Hope Mashabane

U17                             Phoenix Twala

U19                             Kyle van Aswegen


Cross Country

Full Colours              Lorenzo Carvalheiro



Half Colours             Jason Visser

Honours                    Jesse Ndjeke



Half Colours             Chris Frade, Murad Hoosen, Luka Stanisavljevic

Full Colours              Ryan Joyce

Team Award              Brendan Els, Neil Schwellnus



Half Colours             Devon Allen, Chris Gous, Alex Gurschl, James Isherwood, Brendan Lochner, Francois Mellet, Nathan Meyer, Hanu Viljoen

Full Colours              Grant Finlayson, Anton Marx, Wisani Mushwana, Sihle Ncgongo

Team Award              Alvin Drabile, Halloran Stratford



U18A                          Alvin Drabile, Dylan Greeff, Wisani Mushwana, Sihle Ngcongo

U18B                          Grant Finlayson, Anton Marx, Tshegofatso Motjuwadi

U16A                          Devin Allen, Luke Andrew, Tino Chirozvi, Nathan Meyer, Thomas Minnie, Reilly Newberry, Michael Tullis

U16B                          Jeandré Kruger, Sello Mgayiya, Callen Stephen

U14A                          Robert Jordaan, Reuben Kruger, Keagan Trollip

U14B                          David Diemont, Kgosi Kgaladi, Lesedi Mokobaki



Half Colours             Rhys Bekker, Kyle Brown, Matthew Breckenridge, Richard da Costa, Callen Matzopoulos, Reinhardt Nel, Theo Pretorius

Full Colours              Khanya Jada, Dylan Thompson

Team Award              Aidan Bristow, Matthew Caldwell, Thomas Calenborne, Justin Cross, Mikhail Edwards, Kgala Mothomogolo, Jamie Nortje, Aiden Olivier, Pieter van der Merwe, Ruan van Rooyen


Blue Bulls

U18A                          Kgala Mothomogolo

U18B                          Khanya Jada

Academy U18           Reinhardt Nel, Tafadzwa Pikirayi, Dylan Thompson

Grant Khomo

U16A                          Jorim Bangue, Jaide Josephs, Bradley Mayekiso, Molefe Ramotsepane

Noordvaal U16B      Hope Mashabane

Noordvaal U16C      Jaden Collaros, Timothy Glatthaar, Stephan Krugel, Ross Tosi



Half Colours             Gareth Craigen, Gabriel de Ponte (re-awards), Dino de Sousa, Kian Trathen (new awards)

Honours                    Zian de Swardt

Team Award              Dale Holloway


SA Schools               Jarrod Cousins (U14), Gareth Craigen (U16), Zian de Swardt (U19)



U19A                          Zian de Swardt

U19B                          Gabriel de Ponte, Dino de Sousa

U16A                          Gareth Craigen

U16B                          Calvin Botha

U14A                          Jarrod Cousins


Table Tennis

Half Colours             Reza Mahomed

Full Colours              Ashley Bode, Stoyan Simov, Jonathan Wisniewski



Half Colours

Francois Mellet, Logan Repco, Adam Van Harte (re-awards); Scott Hudson, Marius Swanepoel (new awards)

Full Colours

Kganya Ranamane

Team Award

Felix Erken




Climbing – Mel Janse van Rensburg (Form IV) competed in his first International Federation of Sport Climbing World Cup in France.  Daniël Cloete was selected to represent Gauteng in the National Lead Competition.


Table Tennis – Storm Speranza, Form II, made the Gauteng North team and participated in the SA Championships tournament.


SA National Paintball Association – Liam Hind (Form IV) was selected for the U19 national representative team who will be taking part in the Paintball World Championships these holidays.


International Orchestra – Arjen van Renssen (Form V) participated in an international orchestra for music students around the world in Northern Italy.  He was the youngest participant yet was tasked to lead the entire cello section.


Judo – Brendan Pretorius (Form V) participated in the Open International Judo Championships in July and obtained a first position in the 90kg U21, 100kg U21 and Open weight U21.  Marciano de Oliveira (Form II) obtained a second position in the 60kg U18 category and Miguel de Oliveira (Form IV) obtained 6th position in the kata division.


Basketball – Ketan Behari (Form IV) played for Team South Africa in an international tournament that took place in Italy and the team came second.


Soccer – Gianpierro Signorelli (Form IV) took part in an international tournament in Italy as part of Team South Africa who won the tournament.


Baseball – Joshua Mitchell (Form II) was selected to play in the SA National U15 team at the World Baseball Softball Confederation U15 World Cup held in Panama.


Equestrian – Donald Geerthsen (Form I) was awarded his Gauteng colours for two events at the schools equestrian league.


JSE Investment Challenge – The PBHS Buffet Boys, consisting of Quillan McIntyre, David de Villiers, Chris Gous and Francois Grobler won the June competition and were ranked number one in South Africa.


Allan Gray Entrepreneur Challenge – Michael Dunlop (Form III) achieved first place (best in SA) in this challenge for his Digital Marketing proposal.  He has also been ranked in the top 20 students in SA.


SA Artlure Association – Ignus Jordaan (Form III) was chosen for the North Gauteng Junior A team to compete at the association’s competition where his team came first in SA and he was nominated for Protea Colours.


Congratulations to all these boys for their outstanding achievements.

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