Boarding at Pretoria Boys High School provides a structured and enriching environment. Through a sound academic programme, and involvement in sporting and cultural activities on offer, the pupils develop self-discipline, independence and social skills.

At Pretoria Boys High School we firmly believe that our philosophy and tradition creates the most appropriate environment for the holistic education for our pupils. Providing them with a platform to develop into confident young gentlemen with a strong sense of self-worth.


A boarder is required to be in his House the evening before each term commences. He is required to wear his formal school uniform and plain brown lace up school shoes on arrival at his House. His hair should be of a normal, acceptable length with no artificial colour, hair gel or unusual steps cut into it.


A new boarder’s first exeat, at the beginning of his first year, is the third weekend. We have found that new pupils settle into the life of the School more easily when they have as little contact with their parents as possible during their first few weeks and we therefore request parents, family and friends not to phone the boys during this time. NO Form I may have a cell phone at school during the first TWO terms.


Pupils are expected to attend all meals unless excused by the master-on-duty. Dress for breakfast and lunch is school uniform and for supper, casual with a “grub blazer.” If they are late for lunch, pupils must excuse themselves from the head of the table. If a pupil is late for supper, he must excuse himself from the master-on-duty. Morning registration is done before breakfast. Pupils must be properly dressed and look presentable.


Each pupil is allocated a bed and a wardrobe and he must provide a combination or normal lock for his locker which should be locked at all times. Spare keys must be labelled and handed to the Senior Housemaster for safekeeping so that locks will not have to be cut if keys are lost!

It is a boarder’s responsibility to keep his dorm clean and neat. He may not hang towels or clothing over the windowsills to dry. He is only allowed upstairs at certain times of day. He must find out exactly when these times are. Food is allowed upstairs but must be kept in a closed container under the most hygienic conditions.



All medication brought to school by dayboys or boarders MUST BE DECLARED to the Sisters at the Sanatorium. This includes both chronic/long term medication, such as Ritalin, Concerta, Epilim, asthma medication etc, and any short term medication.

Although some medicines have to be carried by the pupil, such as an asthma pump or an Epipen, many of these medications should be taken under supervision to avoid non-compliance or abuse. Please discuss any medicine your son may need to take with the Sisters.

If a pupil wakes up in the morning and feels that he is too ill to attend school, he must report to the Sanatorium where the staff will either inform his parents of his illness, or arrange for him to see a doctor, if necessary. The doctor will submit his accounts directly to the parents. Please note that the school plays no role whatsoever in the payment of medical or pharmacy bills.

If a pupil is sick and cannot go home, the nursing sister will arrange for his meals to be sent up from the central dining room.

Parents must make their own transport arrangements for orthodontist or other medical appointments. Appointments must NOT be arranged during school hours.

The school does not have a blanket medical cover for pupils. It is incumbent upon parents to ensure that they have adequate medical and other cover for their children. The school will, however, consider assistance up to a maximum of R10,000 per child where medical aid does not adequately cover treatment for an injury resultant from a school related accident or sporting activity. Illness is excluded. PLEASE NOTE: This only applies to that portion of the account NOT covered by your medical aid. You may NOT claim from the school instead of claiming from your medical aid.


Form I boys are NOT allowed to exeat to the surrounding area of Brooklyn during their first year. If there is an exceptional emergency and a boy needs to take an exeat, this must be arranged with the Senior Housemaster.

It is important to remember that your son is NOT a weekly boarder. Weekend exeat times depend on the Saturday sports schedule. During Terms I and 4, non-participants may leave only at 14:30 after supporting the teams, or after the last sports match has finished in Terms 2 and 3, (usually 14:00). The rationale behind this is not to disadvantage boys who participate in sport and those boys not participating are required to support their fellow scholars. Parents are requested NOT to ask for early exeats unless it is essential for some reason. Under exceptional circumstances, a Friday or early Saturday exeat may be requested from the Senior Housemaster, IN WRITING (per fax or e-mail), before Wednesday of the week of the required exeat. This request will be evaluated against your son’s level of participation, behaviour and academic performance.

Please note: arrangements may not change mid-exeat (e.g. hosts may not change plans nor may boys return unexpectedly at night) without the Housemaster’s prior knowledge.

All requests must be in writing as no telephonic requests will be considered. The housemaster-on-duty has no authority to grant requests for Friday or early exeats on week-ends and, to avoid embarrassment, we request that you do not come to fetch your son before the allotted time.

Boys must be back in the House by 19:30pm on Sundays as an inter-denominational chapel service is held every Sunday at 20:00. If you cannot return by 19:30, please phone the master-on-duty in good time.


The intention of this system is for Form I boys to be given a Form V mentor who will assist them to settle in and also to minimise the chances of bullying and abuse by other seniors. Experience has shown that, in many cases, healthy relationships and friendships have been forged which have continued way beyond school.

The mentor is expected to take an interest in the academic, sporting and cultural life of his Form I, which implies watching his sport and other activities, where possible. He must look after his general welfare and is required to set an example both in appearance and behaviour and to ensure that the young man conforms to the rules relating to the same.

In return, the Form I should accept the guidance given to him by his mentor and carry out the simple duties required of him. The duties must not affect his academic and sporting life adversely.


Prep is considered sacrosanct in the boarding establishments. During prep sessions total silence is expected. The prep room is to be kept neat and tidy at all times and no food is allowed in there. It is compulsory for Forms I and II to do two prep sessions and Forms III and IV to do three prep sessions at night (each prep session is 40 minutes.) Pictures, timetables etc. may be stuck on prep cubicle walls only and only with Prestik.


In order for us to know where boys are at all times, lists or a daily signing out book are used. It is imperative that a boy signs these lists or book when he leaves the House in the afternoon or evening, for whatever reason. The roll call list is also used to indicate if a boy is doing late prep, or not. He may not leave the school property unless he signs out with the master-on-duty (this excludes school sport).


It is traditional for Pretoria Boys High boys to stand when a stranger approaches the House and to ask them if they can be of assistance. This courtesy is expected at school as well. It is also common courtesy to stand and greet the matron, any master or his wife and adults who should enter the House. Always remember your House manners.


The central laundry is open from 07:00-15:45 from Mondays to Thursdays. It is closed from 15:00 on Fridays for cleaning. THE LAUNDRY IS NOT OPEN ON SATURDAYS.

Each House has specific days on which they may send laundry. This additional information is made available to boys on acceptance into the boarding house.

All clothing, socks and linen must be clearly marked with the boy’s NAME and HOUSE on NAME TAGS sewn firmly in a conspicuous place. Each boy must have TWO sock bags, (one for white and one for coloured items) clearly marked and made of netting.



We feel that no problem is unsolvable and boys and parents should, therefore, feel free to discuss any matters of concern with their respective Housemasters. In his capacity as superintendent of all three boarding houses, the Headmaster, too, is available should you deem it necessary.