The Aeronautical Society is a landing strip for boys who love aviation in its various shapes and forms. The society is very active and is catered for with outings to major airports, gliding at the Magalies Gliding Club, flying in light aircraft and helicopters, attending air shows, talks by aviation experts, as well as visits to aircraft museums.

The boys are also involved in several community-based projects whereby they volunteer their time to clean and restore aircraft at museums and other locations. If a boy is considering a career in aviation, this is the society for them. 

Master-In-Charge: Mr J. Illsley –


Do you want to be like the smooth-talking Finnick Odair in “The Hunger Games”? Are you attracted to the likes of the Persian Grand Admiral Artemisia in “300: Rise of an Empire”? Or are you just a noble Robin Hood at heart?

At Pretoria Boys High School, the boys have the chance to participate in the ‘noble sport’ of Archery, a relaxing, yet competitive activity. Our teams participate in the provincial and National NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program) and several competitions whereby we compete with other schools from around South Africa.

Boys are trained by an experienced national archer and one can participate on a competitive level or a purely social level, spending the afternoon shooting with your peers, relieving one’s stress. 

Master-In-Charge: B. Penrose –


Architecture offers a world of possibilities for the learning and application of various skills. This club encourages its members to draw on a wealth of skill sets, such as mathematics, engineering, social studies, geography, project management, art and even writing.

Architecture provides a platform for boys to fully realise that our environment is not just ‘built’, it is also part of our culture and potentially a representation of ourselves. The exploration of both functionality and design has the power to address social and economic issues such as poverty, overcrowding and land degradation which has an impact on all the citizens of this world.

Master-In-Charge: H. Engelbrecht –


The Art Club is for anyone and everyone who is driven to explore their own personal brand of creativity. You might have already developed creative art making skills, you may be the next Picasso or you might just have an interest in learning how to draw and how to get your ideas onto paper. The Art Club is for you.

The club will assist in developing talents and skills as well as explore the world of art appreciation in its different forms. Various projects and workshops will run throughout the year and individual tasks as well as collaborative projects will give you the opportunity to expand your mind in a vibrant and fun environment.

“If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you: I am here to live out loud.” – Emile Zola

Master-In-Charge: D. Cloete –


Our Ballroom Dancing Club assists in building our boys’ self confidence, develop their social skills and show off some talent! This club is open to Form 3 – 5 boys and we collaborate closely with Pretoria High School for Girls and Afrikaanse Hoër Meisieskool.

The club features the art of Ballroom and Latin American dances. Previous dance experience is not required as all dancers start on a beginner level and can work themselves up to an advanced class. An annual Ballroom Showcase is held in the fourth term as an opportunity for teachers, family and friends to be entertained by our dancers’ talent and skills. 

Master-In-Charge: S. Viljoen –


The Boys’ Highlights is the school’s official termly newspaper, written and created by the boys for the boys.

Under the guidance of experienced editors and journalists, the newspaper allows boys to be a journalist, a news photographer or a cartoonist, providing them with a sound first-hand experience of what the world of journalism entails.

The club visits a different publishing house every year for a workshop on the production of print media. They also visit local newspapers for an on-site, in depth experience.

MICs: J. Prinsloo and S. Hayward – /

Boys Highlights SPECIAL cultural edition - august 2023


Are you the next Elon Musk? Are you the next legendary Boys High entrepreneur? If so, the Business Club is for you. Prospective entrepreneurs receive a weekly lecture on topics such as the investing, commerce, the economy, while exploring the exciting developments in the world of business.

The members also participate in two national competitions:

The JSE Liberty Life Investment Challenge, a simulated JSE investment competition which runs from March through to September with substantial cash prizes to be won. 

The Allan Gray Entrepreneurship Challenge, a web and app-based game which exposes the boys to weekly micro-challenges in order to develop their entrepreneurial mindset and skills. This challenge runs from July until September, also, with incredible prizes and cash to be won. 

Master-In-Charge: D. Goosen –


Members of the club are taught the basics of a number of card games, from beginner to advanced levels.

Ranging from Texas Hold ‘Em, Blackjack to Bridge, the boys are able to learn a number of critical thinking skills. Aside from the application of logic and strategy, the club encourages the development of social skills which can be applied in several environments.

Master-In-Charge: C. Davies –


Chess can be thought of as a mental “blood sport” that both provokes and develops strategic and lateral thinking. Apart from the intellectual advantages, there is a myriad of social advantages that our club offers, including playing social chess with the ‘girls next door’, meeting like-minded individuals and sharing strategies and tips.

Besides inter-house chess championships, the club also participates in social chess tournaments and large regional tournaments such as the Etienne Lewis Chess Tournament and the D4 League Tournament. The club also partakes in inter-school exchanges such as the Maritzburg, Michaelhouse and Hilton Exchange.

Master-In-Charge: L. Kriel –


Schooling is seldom about creativity and exalting the imagination. Writers are continually in the process of negotiating creative spaces for their voices. Those with a passion for writing cannot do without the activity and feel deprived when they are unable to engage in their passion crafting words, phrases, sentences and paragraphs.

The club endeavors to challenge its members to think far and wide and evaluate what they see, hear and are exposed to in a critical way. The boys are continually guided in their writing, and are tutored in the best way to express themselves on paper. The club has two major showcase evenings per year where the writers present their work personally to an audience. In addition, other clubs and societies may join the club to interpret the boys’ work through photography or drama. 

Master-In-Charge: W. Louw –


The Debating Club offers a tangible and significant benefit to a boys’ education. We teach them not only how to construct a compelling argument, but other essential skills like critical thinking, improving their verbal skills, all while enhancing their confidence. These skills are essential in offering the boys a holistic education.

By joining the Debating Society, you will:

* Increase your general knowledge and understanding of current affairs.
* Learn to analyse situations from different perspectives.
* Acquire the ability to express yourself confidently and persuasively to an audience.
* Be trained by top university debaters.
* Practise your skills by debating against one another in teams.
*Compete against your peers in Inter-House Debates.
* Debate against the Old Boys.
* Be part of the host school of the Tshimong Debating League
* Take part in the JEPPE Cultural Festival

The top teams take part in the SACEE League and the Constitutional Hill Debating Tournament.

Masters-In-Charge: A. van den Berg and B. van den Berg – /


If acting, directing, stage make-up, mime, movement, improvisation and writing dramas excites a boy, he will find his niche in this club. With several workshops run by professional actors and actresses, the boys are immersed in the culture of performance.

Boys High provides plenty of opportunities for boys to showcase their talent through the school’s annual production, the Fringe Production as well as the Inter-House Play Festival. This club provides a good start to launching a serious acting career, but it also provides a platform to have fun, loosen up and cultivate a love for the performing arts.

Masters-In-Charge: M. Rust and K. Le Roux – /


Fantasy Wargames offers our boys a unique opportunity to express and explore new hobbies within the nerd-culture universe. Primarily orientated around the trading card games, Magic the Gathering (MTG) and Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), our club brings individuals with like-minded interests together to share in the fantastical worlds brought to life through collective imagination.

Boys High caters to the needs of learners and all levels of experience. Newbies are welcome to join and are invited to training workshops which will improve the skills of our players.

Fantasy Wargames is a melting pot and common ground for anyone who wishes to have fun while playing games in a social environment. The society is all about playing games ranging from Dungeons and Dragons to Warhammer (fantasy in which players use miniature figurines to play out battles between different armies), through to Magic: The Gathering (the original collectable card game). 

Master-In-Charge: N. Kowlaser –


This is a very important and well respected extra-curricular activity at Boys High. Boys who successfully complete the First Aid course become full members of the society. They assist during inter-school sports’ events on weekday afternoons and on Saturdays under the supervision of the school sisters in order to practice their skills. They will deal with the treatment of cuts and grazes, sprained ankles, fingers and wrists, fractured arms, collar bones and concussion both at the Sanatorium and especially at rugby and hockey fixtures.

The aim of training the boys to be First Aiders is to add to the corps of First Aiders in the school, and secondly, to equip these boys with a valuable life skill. Form 1 – 5 boys can complete the course in the first term of each year. Form 1 boys are welcome and, in fact, encouraged to join the society to see what the boys do and obtain first-hand experience. 

Masters-In-Charge: Srs C.M Stephens and L. Mansell: /


What better way to learn a language than to speak it? The French Conversation Club meets every Friday and the boys are encouraged to practice their newly acquired vocabulary and sentence structures. The conversation classes are offered to French students who have done at least one year of French at the school.

The boys engage in one-on-one chats as well as group chats should they feel confident enough. The group is very casual and making mistakes is not frowned upon. Rather, the boys support and learn from each other, providing an optimal atmosphere to learn and improve on their French skills. French culture is introduced in an informal way through playing games in French, listening to French songs.

Pretoria Boys High guides the boys who would like to write the DELF International Certificate Examination in October every year. Preparation for these exams start in the second term during the conversation classes, but extra classes can be introduced as well.

As a group, we attend the Francophonie Day in March every year. This is an international festival to celebrate the French language spoken in 30 countries globally.

Master-In-Charge: H. Coetzee –


“The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people”. – Anonymous

 At Boys High, we are extremely privileged to have such a vast range of cultural activities to cater for all the possible interests of our pupils. Nowhere else is the spirit of diversity so clearly manifested as in the Gumboot Dancing Club.

Gumboot dancing has a long and illustrious history, not only in South Africa, but also at Boys High. It is a form of dance that originated in the mines as a form of communication because the miners were not allowed to talk inside the mines. The slapping of the boots carried different messages and was later taken outside the confines of the mine where groups of miners competed against each other.

It is, if you speak to our dancers, an excellent form of exercise, and if you see them perform, a wonderful way of expressing themselves. Our members enjoy every moment of practice and this results in a very high standard of performance. The dancers are consistently invited to perform at other schools, school functions, Tuks Rag, openings of art exhibitions, for charities, the South African State Theatre and many more. The dancers are extremely popular and are always praised for their performances.

Master-In-Charge: Y. Welthagen –


We are extremely privileged to be working in a brand new, modern Library and Music Centre which is called the Bill Schroder Centre. This state of the art building houses our library with a computer centre where boys can do research and print their assignments. The boys assisting their fellow students are called Library Prefects and their main aim is to render a service to the staff, boys and parents in the school Library.

The boys who join the Library learn responsibility and acquire skills that they will use in school and later in life. The library prefects are trained during the first term and on a continuous basis throughout the year. As a prefect, you are expected to work during specific breaks and one afternoon per week after school. There is also a compulsory meeting every Tuesday during second break.

The fun part! We are one of the first schools in South Africa that have a Maker Space. The Maker Space is where you can relax and enjoy the activity that has been placed there for the month. Various activities can be enjoyed – puzzles, board games, building electrical circuits, etc. We also take part in the Readerslink Competition where we celebrate National Book week and International Book Day with a fun reading competition. This reading competition is held against other high schools in our community.

Master-In-Charge: K. Botha –


In recent years, the school choir has become one of the more popular cultural activities at PBHS. With just under 100 members, we are one of the largest boys’ choirs in Gauteng. What makes the choir particularly unique is the diverse groups of boys who all find commonality in making beautiful music. From First Team rugby players, top academic students, to school prefects, the choir is truly a place for all boys.

The boys have several opportunities to expand their talents by performing
vocal solos, playing various musical instruments, and dancing. Many of our boys are also members of the University of Pretoria Youth Choir (UPYC) which is a regional choir made up of the top choral singers from schools in and around Pretoria. 

Pretoria Boys High is home to one of the best music departments in the country. There are in excess of 180 boys taking music as a subject, each one learning to play an instrument and studying various aspects of the theory of music. Many boys start the subject never having done any formal music before their arrival here. Others continue with the instrument that they have started while at primary school or take a second instrument. 

The music department has several ensembles which boys can join based on their musical preference and chosen instrument. 

Symphony Orchestra
Big Band
Dixie Band
Salon Boys
Brass Ensemble
Clarinet Ensemble
Saxophone Ensemble
Guitar Ensemble
String Quartet
Cello Quartet
Trombone Quartet
Flute Quartet
Boere Band

The choir and music ensembles are two of the “show pieces” of the school and members are regularly invited to perform at school functions.

Masters-In-Charge: J. Robertson and J. de Meillon – /


The art of photography is “Painting with light” . Having a camera, a creative streak and a good eye, renders the world a boy’s oyster in this society. 

The society’s mission at the school is twofold. Firstly, the Photographic Society is essential in portraying the image of the school through its contribution of photographs for sporting and cultural events. The service rendered in this regard is invaluable.

Secondly, the society is a haven for boys who love creating thought provoking images and capturing a moment in time through their lenses. Aspiring photographers are encouraged and provided guidance on how to build up a strong photographic portfolio.

The society runs monthly master classes with various professional photographers, with skills ranging from the ‘how to use your camera’, to studio portraiture, fine art photography and wildlife photography. Many of our workshops take place in the evenings or early mornings as this is when light is at its best. All this hard work culminates in the annual exhibition of photographs where the members’ images are showcased and sold. 

The society enters a number of national and international competitions each year. The PSA Youth Showcase is an international competition in which we have competed since 2016. The goal of the PSA Youth Showcase is to involve the society in the promotion and education of photography among young people by highlighting outstanding photographs from high school age students. The Showcase is an excellent opportunity for eligible students to share their work and receive recognition for their efforts. Only actual photographic societies in schools are allowed to participate in this very elite and prestigious competition.

Master-In-Charge: J. Jooste –

The Public Speaking Club offers the boys a platform to voice their opinions on various subjects and heated topics in an orderly and constructive way. On some days, the speeches are impromptu, and speech topics are drawn from a hat. The competition is fierce and an outstanding speech is applauded enthusiastically and appreciated by the boys.

This is how members are given the opportunity to hone their public speaking skills. This not only improves their public speaking skills, but challenges their way of thinking and makes them more tolerant of other boys’ opinions, a vital skill needed to move our country forward. The power of the spoken word has inspired men to fight wars and start revolutions which have changed the course of history. The members are often amazed at the power they hold when they deliver a message which includes a cleverly worded metaphor or a precise analogy. The ability to express a point of view clearly and in an entertaining manner is a very powerful skill.

All the skills learned during the year are then used to write speeches for the two public speaking competitions in which Boys High takes part every year. These two competitions include: the Pretoria Public Speaking Competition held in May and the Four Schools Competition held in September. Edited speeches are rehearsed until individuals and groups are ready for the competitions. The criteria for the awarding of colours for public speaking are dependent on the results achieved by the boys in these two competitions.

Masters-In-Charge: B. Boerstra, Y. Hayward and B. van den Berg – / /


The Sailing Club, introduced in 2023, was met with great enthusiasm from the boys! The club, one of only two official school sailing clubs in South Africa, is open all all aspiring or active sailors. Whether you have already mastered the art of racing, or if the terms ‘port’, ‘starboard’ and ‘gust’ sound like terms from a Latin textbook – there is a level of sailing open to all. 

The boys can expect training sessions at Rietvlei Dam and the Vaal Dam with Old Boys of PBHS as coaches as well as registered SAS coaches. Boys will also participate in the official South African Sailing Regattas, including the Pretoria Sailing Club Youth Regatta and the South African Youth National Championships.

Master-In-Charge: C. Maartens –


Are you a lover of all things science? Do you spend your weekends watching channels like Mark Rober, ElectroBOOM, NileRed or Periodic Videos? Are you one of those kids that ask – ‘But what about quantum physics?’

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Science Club is for you! We spend Friday afternoons doing fun experiments, listening to talks given by experts in various fields of science and watching fun videos together. We will occasionally be able to visit places like Camera Obscura, Sci-Bono and Sci-Enza, so come join the Science Club and bring out your inner Science Nerd.

Master-In-Charge: W. Truter –


The SCA offers a home to the Christian boys at Boys High where they can share their faith with those around them and grow in their relationship with God.

The group meets on Friday afternoons where they have the opportunity to discuss scripture, have prayer requests attended to and to offer praise and worship to God. Boys are encouraged to share testimonies and offer short teachings to their fellow boys in Christ. The group also has a practical purpose whereby advice is given to boys from a biblical perspective on how to deal with everyday issues in a largely secular world.

Master-In-Charge: J. Matthys –


This society was formed thirty years ago to provide a forum for the “thinking and inquisitive” boys of Boys High. Their interests reach far beyond the perimeters of the school and he wants to understand the reasons behind current affairs and how they impact on his life and our future.

The SNIA aims to broaden the experiences and involvement of our boys in all aspects of society in order for them to become well-rounded and informed individuals. The SNIA invites guest speakers in prominent positions in society to share their views and knowledge on certain topics. We have, in the past years, been informed and challenged by speakers who lecture internationally, young Palestinians; young Israelis; on topics like world terrorism, global warming , hate speech, and “Is religion still relevant?”.

A speaker from the University of Pretoria’s Criminology department pulled no punches when she delivered a speech on “Life after Crime” and left a very subdued group of boys behind. Just as everyone made plans to leave the country, we had a speaker on “South Africa Then and Now” which left everyone buzzing with positivity for the future.

We visit places of interest like Constitutional Hill, the South African Mint, Pretoria Central Prison, Freedom Park and the Hector Pieterson Museum. This year, we hope to put our money where our mouths are and make a difference to our future and that of our country. Are you a thinking boy?

Master-In-Charge: C. Stephens –


The Social Outreach Society is a group that enables the boys to get involved in the community. Outings are arranged on Wednesday and Friday afternoons to two old age homes, Princess Christian Home and Huis Machteld where the boys play Scrabble and Rummicub with the old folks; The Mohau Centre at Kalafong hospital, an AIDS orphanage, and the Sunnyside Shelter where the boys help refugee children with homework.

The boys also help with sorting of the various outreach collections that the school organises each term. The Outreach Initiatives are collections of stationery, blankets, clothing, food and Christmas boxes. All the boys in the school are encouraged to support these collections. Items that are collected are then distributed to the following organisations: Bramley Children’s Home, The Mohau Center, Kingdom Life Children’s Home, Dynamic Women and Children (which supports a squatter camp in Kameelfontein), Sunnyside Shelter and a soup kitchen in Sunnyside (which supports men and women who are homeless).

The aim of the Social Outreach Society is to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves by GIVING – not necessarily money – of our TIME, our ATTENTION, our LOVE and RESPECT. These gifts are far more valuable than money because we give of OURSELVES and we take of our precious TIME to do so.

Masters-In-Charge: P. Vlag and J. Nell – /


Although they are essentially ‘invisible workers’, the Technical Support Team are absolutely integral to the running of the special school assemblies as well as the various functions at the school. The boys are responsible for setting up, monitoring then packing up various audio-visual equipment required outside of the school hall. These include the galas, athletics meets, market days and outside assemblies. 

They also cater to several functions such as the Annual Production, the Fringe Production, Inter-House Plays, The New Parents’ Braai, Old Boys Lunches and Dinners, Academic Meetings, presentation and musical ensembles. 

Master-In-Charge: W. Truter –


The Wildlife Society strives to educate its members in natural sciences, botany, geography, biology and wildlife management by taking them on trips to the Kruger National Park and Marakele National Park and various rehabilitation centres. Speakers also address the boys on topics like conservation, careers in wildlife management and also on different species like leopards, spiders, elephants, snakes, etc. Another objective of the society is to create awareness and promote respect for our natural resources.

Master-In-Charge: P. Loots –


The Wrestling Club, introduced in 2023, is not for the faint hearted, but anyone is able to take part.

Unlike other sports, wrestling focuses on the boys’ individual abilities for success and thus requires a fair amount of confidence and courage. The boys learn the skill of grappling in order to bring their opponent down onto the mat whereby strength, technique and skill are essential qualities. Whether the boy already possesses these qualities or not, the Wrestling Club will teach and encourage the boys in order for them to compete.

Master-In-Charge: R. Townsend –