Pretoria Boys High School is a traditional boys school located on an 85-acre campus southeast of the city centre. Established in 1901, it is one of the oldest schools in the province. With an enrolment of around 1500 pupils it is the largest boys’ school in South Africa. The school prides itself on maintaining exceptional standards and this is illustrated through our ethos of holistic education based on the fundamental pillars of a full academic, cultural and sporting programme. PBHS is a public school with additional funding generated through school fees. Three boarding houses provide accommodation for over 300 pupils.

PBHS is a member of the International Boys’ Schools Coalition



While many of the values we choose to live by as a school are evident from the Philosophy and Mission, the following four values are considered to be the core values of the School:


The quality of knowing and doing what is morally right including taking responsibility and owning up when asked to. People of honour are held in high esteem by the community as those who can be trusted to do what is right, despite peer and social pressures. Honour relates more to how other people perceive you.


Being supportive and true to the school, what it stands for and to those in the school community. Recognising faults and constructively criticising does not imply disloyalty. Blind allegiance is discouraged but devotion, emotional attachment and a sense of belonging is nurtured.


Having strong moral principles that are consistently lived under all circumstances. People of integrity are honest and righteous, having an unwavering moral compass. Integrity is purely a personal quality and has to do with personal beliefs rather than perceptions of others.


Having exceptionally good manners, so much so that this is commented upon by the school community, visitors to the school and the general public. Acting in a manner that is respectful to all, with consideration for others and their points of view. This includes respect for self, others, the school, the environment and those in authority.