Matric Results 2020

Matric Results 2020 The academic results of the Form V Class of 2020 showed a slight decline on the previous year. This was perhaps to be expected in an unprecedented year which in many ways proved to be difficult and unpredictable. Under the circumstances the boys need to be commended for their efforts. Summary of […]

Headmaster’s Assembly – 21 February 2020

Is Consistency and Fairness the same thing? “Nothing demotivates people like the equal treatment of unequals.” Joe Kraus One of the things I was taught when starting out my life as a teacher was to be fair and consistent in my treatment of young people, particularly when it came to punishment or consequence. If two […]

Headmaster’s Assembly – 31 January 2020

We will remember them… On Monday this week, the world marked the 75th anniversary of the release of prisoners from Auschwitz, one of the death camps from the Holocaust of World War II. It is estimated that between 1.1 and 1.3 million people were exterminated in Auschwitz and about 6 million people, mainly of Jewish […]