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Parent Newsletter – December 2018

Dear Parents/Guardians Thank you for another good year at Boys High. The support from the parent community continues to ensure that we are able to work in partnership to the benefit of our boys. My specific thanks go to those parent volunteers who have served on the Parents’ Association and the School Governing Body. While these two groups have such different functions, each consists of devoted and dedicated parents who serve the school without personal gain and I thank them for their continued efforts.
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Parents’ Newsletter – September 2018

Dear Parents/Guardians   As this is the last newsletter to go out to our leaving Form V parent group, I would like to thank them for their contribution these past five years. I hope that your sons have gained much from their time at Boys High and are ready to take on the challenges of
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Headmaster’s Assembly – 14 September 2018

Healing… Our brains are a bit like computer hard drives and storage discs. Everything we see, hear, experience and do is wired into our short-term or long-term memory. These memories stay there but some get reduced or lost over time while some remain fresh and vivid in our recollection all the time. It is interesting
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Headmaster’s Assembly – 7 September 2018

Make it happen Earlier this week I happened to have a conversation with a Form V parent about how the time his son had left at Boys High was diminishing rapidly. There was a strange and sad regret in his voice as he said how much the school meant to his son and how both
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Headmaster’s Assembly – 3 August 2018

Moderation I have opposing thoughts about the topic of today’s assembly. On the one hand, I enjoy the challenge of this particular activity and the skills it teaches. On the other I dislike some of the softer skills it doesn’t. Today I want to talk about gaming and computer gaming in particular. I am old
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